1/100 Fiat CR.32 Fighter - Boxed kit

Boxed set containing 1 easy assembly resin aircraft. Model consists of 2 resin main parts, complemented by 12 white metal smaller pieces: struts, landing gear, propeller and pilot. Decalsheet with Italian, Hungarian and Spanish Nationalist markings. Assembly instructions and Painting schema based in Vallejo range, on box reverse.

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FrecciaFiat CR.32 "Freccia" (=arrow) was an evolution of the CR.30 biplane designed by Celestino Rosatelli. During Spanish Civil War, the Italian Air Force deployed in Spain not less than 400 of these fighters, so being employed in the conflict in larger numbers than any other fighter; among these, about 130 were delivered directly to the Spanish Nationalist Air Force. CR.32s suffered quite heavy losses (about 175 aircraft), but claimed over 500 victories, including Polikarpov I-15 and I-16 fighters --besides of around 50 Tupolev SB-2 bombers.

ChirriIts disproportionate success in Spanish skies prompted Fiat to manufacture an improved version, the also biplane known as CR.42 "Falco" (=hawk), in a time when other manufacturers were already betting on the monoplane configuration. Hispano Aviación obtained a manufacturing license of CR.32, a hundred of which were built under designation HA-132. These latter remained in spotting or training duties until mid-1950s. This aircraft was known in Spain as "Chirri".

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